About Us

In the summer of 2022, Alberte Muff and Nikoline Wiegandt founded the clothing brand Pamola Official. Based on our great shared interest in fashion, design and  not least the necessary development that is beginning to define the industry, we want to create a brand that takes a stand on and contributes to a more environmentally conscious fashion industry with a focus on sustainable choices.

Alberte and Nikoline met each other for the first time at the volleyball club, where they have played for countless years, and have been inseparable ever since. They have had many joint projects over time and have now thrown themselves into their great passion and founded Pamola together.

Our brand believes in a shared responsibility for the well- being of our planet in relation to climate, nature and ressource consumption. We have a vision to contribute to a more circular fashion industry and therefor have a strong focus on making more sustainable choices at all stages of the supply chain. Our first collection is produces in Ukraine at a BSCI-certified factory, which ensures decent conditions for the employees and takes the environment into account. Our styles are made from recycled plastic, where otherwise wasted resources are recycled. It is extremely important for us to take the environmental impact into account throughout the design process. We therefore have an ambition to create innovative, multi-use basic products that appear timeless and that our customers will love and keep for a long, long time.

Pamola is baed in the heart of Copenhagen. The city is an enormous source of inspiration for us and we love having our daily life in Copenhagen discovering its unique culture life, design and food scene. We hope to capture the aesthetic of Copenhagen in Pamola as we share an equal love to the city.